Oh God. The familiar Sunday dread. Another week in my boring, I-want-to-claw-my-eyes-out-rather-than-be-here job was stretching out interminably ahead of me. 

I’d just had an awesome weekend, filled with seeing friends, was feeling pleasantly full after having a delicious roast dinner, and was now settling down for a Sunday-night binge watch of our latest box set addiction, with my other half.

Except, cosy and lovely as this all was, I couldn’t escape a creeping sense of doom. How would I manage another week in my uninspiring office job? Another week of showing up with my fake, ‘How was your weekend?’ forced smiles, when all I was really thinking about was how much I’d rather be somewhere else, anywhere but there.

The Monday-morning blues was becoming Sunday-night dread, and it was leeching slowly into my evening, tainting and polluting everything that should have been lovely about it. It made me want to cry, and rant about how spectacularly crap and unfair it all felt. 

I was so tired of doing the same thing, day in, day out. I knew it wasn’t right for me. I hadn’t felt excited about any of it for months, years even. But I couldn’t see a way out. And until I could, I was stuck. It felt like another little piece of my soul was being sucked out of me, with every week that went by.

Fast forward to today, and life is very different. 

The Sunday-night dread has gone, entirely. In fact, now I spend my Sunday evenings relaxed and looking forward to my Mondays.

I get to work with bright people like you who are full of potential and possibilities, even if you can’t see them yet. I get to help you move from that same sense of dread and misalignment that I had to feeling inspired about your options and clear on your next steps. Frankly, I can’t f****** wait.

My work makes me feel like a superhero. With cape, boots, and EVERYTHING.

And I’m here to hold for you that even if you’re feeling that same sense of creeping Sunday-night dread, even if you’re feeling trapped like I was, finding work that makes you feel like a hero is possible. I’m living proof. And so are the clients I work with.

So, when the storm clouds are gathering over your Sunday evening, try these 5 simple steps…

  1. Get clear on what self-care looks like for you. Try making a self-care list. Apply these when the Sunday night dread starts to attack.

  2. Instead of getting on Google to ‘research the pain away’, make a commitment to have a real face-to-face conversation (in person or over Zoom) with someone about your career change. Be honest about how you’re feeling. Make sure this person is someone that you trust, who’s a good listener and who is on your side. Reach out today.

  3. Your work is definitely on the sucky side, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing positive you can take from it right now. What resources or opportunities, however small, does your role offer you that you could take advantage of? Could you ask to go on a social media training course, for example, or to be involved in a project that another department’s working on that’s more interesting than your own workload? Remember — you’re bright and resourceful. How could you find something positive at work, and then magnify it?

  4. Understand that you don’t have to know what your final destination is in order to take action on your career change. What’s the first small step you could take tomorrow to make some progress on your shift? Is it asking for help? Is it writing down a list of the ideas you’ve had so far?

  5. Say these affirmations to yourself, loudly and as often as possible (though perhaps not in the middle of that team meeting!):
      • I have the power to choose the direction of my career.
      • The way I feel about my work is temporary. I feel calm and in control.
      • This is a turning point for me. I am in the process of creating positive change.
      • I have everything I need to make my career change happen.
      • [Add one of your own here.]

If your Sunday dread is getting too much to bear, I can help you with dedicated one-to-one support. Check out my Elite Squad for more details.