The impossibility of making a career change felt like an itchy, uncomfortable clawing in my stomach. How the actual f*** was I going to make it happen?

I knew I needed to change career.

If the crying in toilets hadn’t given me a clue, perhaps the mind-numbing boredom would have, or the bubbling boiling resentment I felt at my boss’s whimsical 180-degree directional pivots.

And I knew, sort-of, what I was aiming for — a location-independent, remote working set-up, freelancing initially then moving towards my own business. Just thinking about it gave me that fizz-rockety feeling of ‘HELL YES’ inside my very bones.

That is until I came crashing back down to the ugly reality of my day job, and the crushing awareness of how far away that end goal seemed. It felt like I could see a beautiful mountain-top away in the distance, while sunk up to my knees in a squelching mud swamp.

How the actual f***, was I going to get there?

I realise now, that goals can be problematic.

Especially if, rather than helping you move forward, all they do is serve to remind you of how far away you are from where you want to be.

It’s not that goals aren’t useful — they ARE. And setting goals at this time of year creates extra powerful, motivational juju. Plus, let’s be honest, you’d have to have your head buried in sand for at least a month to avoid conversations about goals at new year.

But they’re not the whole story. And they won’t always be your friend.

So, what works instead?

Cute, furry habits. They make WAY better sidekicks than big hairy goals.

That route to the mountaintop is marked by milestones. And the route to each milestone is made up of a certain number of steps. The mountaintop, and the number of steps it takes to get there, can easily be overwhelming.

But taking one single step isn’t.

And if it becomes enjoyable in itself, to put one foot in front of the other, the journey becomes fun.

So what if you were to focus, not on the mountaintop, but on finding a way to make it a habit to take a single step, regularly?

See? Cute furry habit.

Cute furry habits are in your control, right now. The mountaintop isn’t.

Cute furry habits are cute. Not big, scary or overwhelming.

Cute furry habits are fun to take care of, and can become your good friends, helping you to create new and better behaviours.

Once you get used to taking care of a cute furry habit, it’s often easy to forget that it’s actually doing the work of moving you towards your goal.

And what does this look like in career change?

Try this.

  1. Make a commitment to reach out to one new person a week who works in a field / role / industry you find exciting.
  2. Do something that feels inspiring, every week.
  3. Save a small amount of money towards a career change ‘pot’.
  4. Be honest with someone about what you’re going through.
  5. Add one new possibility, however ridiculous it seems, to your list of career change ideas.

Cute furry habits are tiny. They need only a few minutes of your time per day. That’s totally do-able, right?

You’ll be on your way to that mountaintop in no time.

What’s your career change goal, and how can you change your focus to be on cute furry habits instead? Hit reply and let me know!

P.S. If you’re having trouble creating and sticking to your cute, furry habits, I can help with dedicated, structured one-to-one support and accountability. Check out my Elite Squad for more details.