Get clear and confident about the next steps in your career change, in just ONE hour

Personalised, laser-focused coaching for those wanting to get UNSTUCK and MOVING with their career change. See what a CAREER SOS session could do for you.

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Lisa was able to listen and get to the root of what I was saying without me knowing it! She pointed out areas that I could work on and gave me the tools to move forward.

— Summer

Something's been off at work for a while, hasn't it?

  • You know you should be using the lockdown to come up with ideas for your career change, but you don’t know where to begin.
  • You hate your job, and you know that you can’t put up with being this way for another month, let alone another f****** year. 
  • You know that this isn’t how work is supposed to be, but you wonder if you’re being unreasonable in wanting something that feels a little more, well, WOW?

You’re bright, resourceful and you’ve got so much to offer.

But no matter how much you try to wrap your head around 'What else?’, you just end up feeling stuck.

Every idea comes with its own convincing

reason why it’s a no-go

  • Careers that take too long to retrain for.
  • Careers that require degrees and qualifications that you don’t have..
  • Careers that won’t let you in without X years of experience.
  • Careers that would be ridiculous to give up all the time and money you’ve invested in your current line of work for.

You’re worried you’d be letting your parents down, after everything they’ve sacrificed to get you where you are now.

And while you know a bit about career coaching (sort of), it seems like a huge financial risk when you’ve got no guarantees that it will actually WORK for you.

And besides, how would you even go about choosing a coach?

But what would it be like...

To have a laser-focused injection of career change coaching support and expertise on your unique situation?

And what if you could...

  • Come out of this lockdown with a STRATEGY and a plan for your career change?
  • Get CLEAR, focused, motivated and EXCITED about your career prospects?
  • Feel CONFIDENT about what to do next to make real progress in your shift?
  • Have a guide who can show you EXACTLY what steps to take, and when, to get unstuck and on your way to work you love?
  • Have all this WITHOUT taking a huge gamble with your savings?

After the call, I felt inspired, buzzing and optimistic. I would highly recommend a call with Lisa for anyone who wants a fresh perspective on their career questions and some honest feedback. She clearly knows her subject matter very well, is very personable and listens carefully to what you are looking for so that the session is as helpful as possible.

— Lauren


I'm going to level with you.

Normally I charge AT LEAST £120 for a one-off 1:1 coaching session. 

And I don’t normally offer single sessions at all, except for those who’ve already been through one of my programmes. 

But right now, I know you want to make this lockdown COUNT.

And I want for it to be a NO-BRAINER for you to get high-quality career change coaching this very minute.

So, for a limited time, you can secure my 1:1 help for an INSANE price.

Grab this offer quick. I can’t guarantee how long I will be offering it for. And once it’s gone, it’s gone.


The Career Avengers Career SOS Call.

Grab one quick before they're gone!

Laser-focused career change coaching support - Career SOS Call with Lisa

You'll get...

  • Unconventional tools and techniques that actually work for YOUR situation (no cookie cutter or traditional approaches here)
  • Gamechanging ways to come up with an EXPLOSION of ideas for your shift that you can’t see on your own
  • Direct (and kind) feedback on what’s NOT working in your approach and what to do INSTEAD, so that you can stop spinning your wheels and get moving
  • A blend of coaching, mentoring and advising based on my 7 years of working with hundreds of career changers, and my sense of what’s the right approach for YOU
  • A strategy and clear action plan for what next to improve your situation



Yes, I need this! >

And what's more...

I want you to be 100% confident when you decide to book a Career SOS session with me.

So, you’re protected by my ridiculous 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

I’ll give you your money BACK if either…

  • I realise during our session that I’m not able to help you with your particular situation.
  • Or you go on in future (ever) to purchase any higher-tier coaching package with me.

Go for it. In one hour you can go from analysis paralysis to having a solid strategy. I felt very positive afterwards.

— Camilla

And who am I to help you?

I’m Lisa Russell. A fully qualified, ICF-accredited coach, with advanced career change training from career-change specialists Firework and Careershifters.

And for the last seven years, career change has become part of the fabric of my life.

During this time I’ve…

  • Successfully shifted from being miserably employed in the education industry to working for myself in a field that I'm insanely passionate about.
  • Helped showcase the highs, lows, and realities of hundreds of career changes, given me an incredible insight into what really WORKS.

I know the standard career change advice that’s out there, AND I know why it’s not working for you.

I have a whole proven system of fun, playful and thought-provoking missions and exercises that I can draw from to help you, so that you can stop wasting time and get your shift moving.

I can’t wait to help you move into work you LOVE.

Ready to fly?

Lisa Russell - Career Change Coach

Do it! A really useful hour and excellent value for money. I now feel positive, more relaxed about the situation, and more confident about creating a change.

— Roz

I know you're not happy at work

I know you don’t want to be where you are now, in a year’s time. 

The world’s just had the mother of all shake ups. 

And in case you hadn’t noticed, this is the wake up call you’ve been waiting for. 

You deserve work that makes you feel ALIVE.

What are you waiting for?

Book my Career SOS Call now!