Is your career thoroughly screwed thanks to coronavirus?

Are you feeling lost, anxious, angry, and unsure about your next move workwise?

Do you need career help, fast, because of the impact of COVID-19?

I see you. And I can help.

I’m an experienced, ICF-accredited career coach, with a strong track record in helping people navigate change.

I have a private coaching practice, and have worked with career change specialists Careershifters for years. And I’m an outplacement coach, helping people who’ve newly been made redundant.

I’m also a mum, and a contractor whose world has been turned upside down by the coronavirus outbreak.

This insane situation is calling on every skill, every sinew of my coaching experience to navigate this situation for myself.

I feel angry that this has happened, FRUSTRATED that my successful business is taking a royal BEATING because of this, OVERWHELMED at times because, much as I love them, I now have to navigate this with two kids under 5 around at home 24/7.

At the same time, I’m grateful I’ve developed the skills to weather it, and hugely appreciative of my health. I’m also overwhelmed with the heightened awareness I have of how much I love my precious family and friends.

And I know I can do this.

My heart goes out to all the people who are suffering. It’s scary. And it sucks.

I have marshalled my reserves to start getting myself through this. And now I’m looking outwards to see who else I can help. I can’t bring your lost contract back, or convince your employer to rehire you, but if your career has been impacted by the huge meteor of a setback that is COVID-19, I have got the skills and experience to help you work out what to do next.


I’m offering laser-focused, power-hour Career SOS sessions to anyone who needs them as a result of the impact of coronavirus.

What is a ‘Career SOS’ session?

career crisis help   
I will use coaching techniques to help you get unstuck and into action with crafting your next move.

I will give you the best of my analytical and strategising brain to design a plan with you, so that you feel calmer and more in control.

I will be your companion and cheerleader. Someone you don’t have to worry about offloading on in these unprecedented times. Because for the time we’re working together I’ll be putting my ‘stuff’ to one side and focusing entirely on yours.

The session will be online or over the phone.

You can have just one, or more if you need them.

I can’t offer them for free, even though I wish I could (because kids), but I am dramatically slashing my normal coaching rate to make them affordable to as many people as possible.

If these prove popular, I will also look to create some kind of online course to accompany the session, so you get to take some stuff away to go through at your own pace, after we’ve finished our call.

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Is this for you?

  • Are you self-employed or running a company and have lost significant income thanks to COVID-19?
  • Are you a contractor who’s had their hours slashed, or lost contracts entirely?
  • Have you been made redundant as a result of the outbreak?
  • Are you a parent who’s now working from home, struggling without childcare, and overwhelmed at the prospect of homeschooling?
  • Are you feeling lost and angry at being furloughed?
  • Are you finding it hard to work from home in a productive way?
  • Are you feeling isolated and unhappy about your work due to the lockdown?

If you can answer yes to any of these, a Career SOS session could be for you.

Let me be clear. Coaching is not therapy. If you’re experiencing poor mental health, I don’t have the skills or the qualifications to help you. If I think this applies to you, I will signpost you accordingly.

But if you’re experiencing a sense of grief, worry or panic at the work situation you find yourself in, and lost as to how to react in a way that helps, I can help you come up with a strategy to get into action and start feeling better.

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What will you get out of it?


  • A calm and focused brain to help you navigate the uncertainty of your new situation
  • Someone to bring ideas and curiosity to the table to help you see opportunities you aren’t seeing for yourself right now
  • Help to pivot, whether that means your business or your career path, or both
  • Help to shift your mindset to take you from anxious to in control and in action
  • A strategy and action plan for what next to improve your situation
  • A companion, cheerleader and co-conspirator as you navigate these unprecedented circumstances.


What does it cost?

I am offering the first 5 people who sign up for a Career SOS session the rate of £47.

After that I’ll review. But my goal is to keep these affordable for all who need them.

Pay as you go. No hefty package price.


How do I sign up?

I’m responding to this crisis in the moment, just as you are. So I’m still working on a sales page and checkout to string this all together.

If you want a session, click here to go to my booking form. Fill in your details and choose a time for our appointment that suits you. You’ll get confirmation of your appointment by email.

Click here to book your session.

Want to know more about me first?

I totally understand. I would too, in your position.

This is me. <<

Here’s my website: www.careeravengers.com.

Take a look around. Sign up for my free career change newsletter and download my free ebook. Get a sense of who I am and what I stand for.

Here’s my Linked In profile. You can also check me out on Facebook.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have after reading this. Either reach out here, or send me a message at lisa@careeravengers.com.

Oh, and here’s what some of my clients have said about my career coaching:

“Without Lisa’s help I would have been looking in completely the wrong place and my career change wouldn’t have been right. She stripped me right back to basics. Taking me from what I thought I needed help with to what I actually needed. I particularly enjoyed the The face to face, deep chats. The exploring ideas. Each session with Lisa had light-bulb moments for my career.”  —Neil

“Before I met Lisa, I only had the spark of a career idea, but no clue what this looked like or where to start. She helped me to crystallise this, and gave me the tools to help make it happen, along with endless encouragement and a safe space to fail. I was only able to have the confidence to apply for the job I’ve just secured and perform in the interview because of the work we have done together. I can honestly say investing in my coaching with Lisa is the best money I have ever spent!” — Charlotte

“I honestly don’t believe that I would be making preparations to start a business right now if it wasn’t for Lisa’s coaching – and that’s not just as a result of the programme she delivers, but also her as a person. She is very calm and understanding, and she’s also empowered me to be more confident. I’ve learnt to believe that I do know myself well, and to trust this, and therefore also trust my instincts. This coaching programme has proved invaluable to me, and apart from anything else, I feel that I have developed a real bond with her. It’s a safe connection which allows me to be honest, vulnerable and emotional, which it turns out is just what I needed! Thank you, Lisa, for being there and for supporting and encouraging me.” — Charlie

“I’ve had results way beyond my expectations. I was stuck in a challenging and stressful role, which wasn’t giving me the job satisfaction I needed. With Lisa’s help, I was able to define what I wanted to do in the future and gain the confidence to make myself heard. I went back to college and studied hard. As a result, I was able to make the transition into a role I deserved and which brought out the best in me. I’ve been able to make dramatic and positive changes in my life and career thanks to Lisa’s coaching support.” — Roz

“I feel like Lisa’s helped me to set myself free. She’s given me a safe place to be myself, to speak my mind and to discover and explore next steps. I’ve discovered so many things about myself that were unexpected! She’s also helped me to understand that I can be more, that I can fill my life with many different ‘strings’ to my career bow. I can have a dream of doing several different things at the same time and this dream is achievable.” –Nadia

“Lisa’s help accelerated my decision making and has probably saved me months of internal debate. Making decisions surrounding my career change alone felt nearly impossible but Lisa helped me to see easily what I wanted most and that I really could get there.” — Callum

“This coaching has changed my life on so many levels. I know myself better than ever. I have found confidence, self-worth, purpose and connection with myself. Lisa is calm, encouraging, and positive. She has such great listening skills and was so good at helping find the answers that are within me. She’s the best at giving someone the confidence to do what they truly want to do. This has been more than career coaching to me. It’s been about getting to know myself, finding confidence, exploring my true interests without judgement and finally finding the motivation to act on my dreams.” — Sophie

“Lisa is intuitive and gentle in her approach. She listens and really cares. I always recommend her services. Lisa will help you get really clear on what’s it is you want and how to make it happen quickly.” — Claire

Let’s work this out together. Click here to book your session.