You’ve got plans.

(And they don’t involve your current career path)

But making the switch from one career
to another feels lonely, and (late at night) even impossible.

You’re bright. You’ve got so much to offer. And you know that it’s time to change.

You’re not entirely sure how exactly you’ve ended up here, stuck in a career that’s so out of sync with who you are. And you know that if something doesn’t change soon, it’s probably never going to.

You’re so done with clockwatching, silently resenting your boss, and putting on a mask every time you step into the office.

But however ‘done’ you are, you can’t see a way out. There are only so many job sites you can scroll through, only so many times you can wrack your brains for an idea that actually feels realistic.

You’re so ready to make a move, you just can’t seem to figure out the ‘How?’


Because here’s the thing…

Career change is hard.

After all, it tends to come with this whole mess of crap

Are you…

  • Feeling like a failure because you no longer want to work in your current role?
  • Wondering how you’ll manage other people’s questions / fears about your plans and worrying about what they’ll really think of you?
  • Overwhelmed at how to figure out who you are and what work you’d love to do?
  • Daunted by the thought of uprooting your work identity?
  • Feeling hopeless about how you’ll convince someone in a new industry to give you a chance, even though it’s unlikely you’ll have the experience they’re looking for?
  • Dreading feeling naive and clumsy as you work your way up from the bottom in a new field?
  • Afraid of risking your income?

Sometimes you just want to stick your head in the sand, and for the whole thing to go away.



What if you could wake up clear, confident, and over-the-moon excited about your new career direction?

What if you could feel certain about your new career choice before you even think about writing your resignation letter?

What if you had inspiring people coming to you with opportunities you’d never find on a job site?

What if you could talk to others about your career change with pride?

You don’t have to do this on your own.


you already are…

Lycra up, buttercup. 

Not only is your career change possible, no matter what obstacles you’re coming up against, we’re also going to make it FUN.

Just imagine…

Your own personal career change guide…

By your side through every step; someone who’s not only walked this path for themselves but has coached dozens of others to do it too. Your partner in a creative, thought-provoking process that gets to the root of what’s holding you back. Someone who knows career change inside out, challenging you, inspiring you and guiding you through the swampiest parts. A professional who can help you stop wasting time and get moving towards work that makes you feel like you can FLY.


Materials and missions that bring CLARITY and get you into ACTION…

A mix of engaging missions and exercises that will open your brain up to new concepts and ways of thinking about your shift, as well as getting you out of your head, into action, and making real progress. Fun materials that will help you break free of the crazy, whirling thought loops, and get you clearer on WHAT you want to do as well as learning HOW you can make it happen.


A structured programme…

A step-by-step process for you to follow, personalised to suit your unique situation. No more muddling through, wondering if you’re doing the right thing – relax into a proven system for taking you from ‘no idea where to start’ to excited about what you want to do next (and on your way to getting there).


Ready to Level Up
your career change?


Then allow me to introduce…

The ultimate, one-on-one, superhero-in-training career change coaching experience that will take you from ‘no clue’ to feeling clear, confident, and on your way to work that you’re CRAZY excited about.


And who am I to lead you through this transformation?

I’m your career change Gamesmaster

I’m a fully qualified, ICF-accredited coach, with advanced certifications from career-change specialists Firework and Careershifters.

And for the last six years, career change has become part of the fabric of my life.

During this time I’ve…

  • Successfully shifted from being miserably employed in the education industry to being a happily self-employed portfolio careerist
  • Helped showcase the highs, lows, challenges and realities of hundreds of career changes in my work for the Careershifters team.
  • Founded my own coaching practice, where I’ve have worked with dozens of career changers one to one.

I know the standard career change advice that’s out there, AND I know why it’s not working for you.

I have a whole proven system of fun, playful and thought-provoking missions and exercises that I can personalise to you, so that you can stop wasting time and get your shift moving.

I can’t wait to help you level up.

Ready to fly?

Lisa Russell

Founder. Coach. Gamesmaster.

Career Avengers


But don’t take my word for it. You be the judge. Check out the…



Before I met Lisa, I only had the spark of a career idea, but no clue what this looked like or where to start. She helped me to crystallise this, and gave me the tools to help make it happen, along with endless encouragement and a safe space to fail.

I was only able to have the confidence to apply for the job I’ve just secured and perform in the interview because of the work we have done together.

I can honestly say investing in my coaching with Lisa is the best money I have ever spent.


This has been more than career coaching to me. It’s been about getting to know myself, finding confidence, exploring my true interests without judgement and finally finding the motivation to act on my dreams.



8 intensive coaching sessions 

A personal, one-on-one, fortnightly deep dive into your career change change journey to get you freed up and MOVING with your shift. I’ll inspire, motivate, support and challenge you to grow while helping you break down and blast through anything that’s holding you back. VALUE £1200.

Gamechanging missions

Counter-intuitive, unexpected missions and challenges to do in real life between sessions. Swoop past the noise in your head and get into action from day one. This active, playful approach to career change will guide you through the stickiest parts of your shift, so that you can relax and have fun designing a career you love. VALUE £600

BONUS: Email support

Email me between sessions for ad hoc support and inspiration. I’ll be on call to you for whatever you need (subject to fair use policy and 48-72 hour response time). Drop me a line from your smartphone on the train, or on your lunchbreak with your questions, worries and aha moments. It’ll be like having your own portable coach. VALUE £700

BONUS: Talent Dynamics 

You’ll get access to Talent / Wealth Dynamics: a powerful profiling tool (that doesn’t just dump you in a box with a convenient label) AND a bonus video series explaining what your profile means and how to actually use it in the real world. VALUE £97

The total cost of joining…

…should be £2997.

And what would you actually pay?



Like your very own

sidekick, I’ve got your back…


For a limited time only,


I’m offering the full, VIP, Elite Squad
package for less than two thirds of its total value.



Holy Guacamole, Batman!


Yep. You can have all of this,

in return for an investment of just…



Once this offer closes, I will never offer this package
at this price again, so be sure to secure your spot



There are currently…

spots in the Squad left

Which payment option floats your boat?

Prefer to spread the cost? No problem!

YOU CAN CHOOSE TO Pay in 4 easy monthly instalments of


Just ask me for the payment plan option.


What happens when I click the button?

You Click the button

Once you press the button you’ll be taken to my quick calendar booking form for a free initial ‘discovery’ call. Take two minutes to choose your appointment and fill in your details.

We get to know each other

At our discovery call, I’ll ask you questions to learn more about your specific situation, we’ll get to know each other better, you can ask any further questions you have and get a taste of what coaching with me is like.

You join the Squad

If it feels like a mutual good fit, I’ll send you a welcome pack by email, get you onboard and we’ll book in our first session. You’ll also get your first coaching exercise.

We get started

We start working together. Expect to have a session every 2-3 weeks. You’ll have your first missions and exercises right from the start. In between sessions you can send me emails with your reflections, aha moments, questions and challenges, and I’ll get back to you asap.

You walk away with

  • A powerful picture of your strengths, values and what lights you up,
  • 1-3 particular career paths you’re genuinely excited about,
  • An approach for testing out your ideas without risking your income,
  • Increased confidence about how to get your foot in the door in a new field, even if you don’t have any experience,
  • Multiple leads, achievements and experiences related to your new career that you’ve found for yourself, already under your belt.

This is for you if you’re


  • Committed to your career change, even if you don’t know how to make it happen

  • Struggling to find ideas for your new career, or to feel sure about the ideas you have

  • Prepared to take responsibility for your own success

  • Ready to invest in yourself to achieve your career change goals

  • Open minded and willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone

Got Questions?

Let’s answer them…

What exactly is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership where you’re challenged and supported to achieve your goals in a safe space. It’s thought-provoking, inspiring, creative, and profound. As a coach, I…

  • Ask artful questions, to probe an issue down to its core, and to draw out your own innate ability to address and overcome the obstacles you’re facing.
  • Observe patterns and limiting ways of thinking that hold you back, and offer empowering ways of reframing experiences to challenge these.
  • Hold the big picture and offer structured, focused support, accountability, inspiration and motivation to help you feel freer, lifted and able to make progress.

Coaching is not:

  • Teaching, advising, mentoring or consulting. My job isn’t to to impart knowledge, though I may choose to share certain knowledge I have with you, if it feels relevant, helpful and welcomed. I also won’t tell you what to do, or give my opinion on what I feel you ‘should’ do.
  • Counselling. If you’re depressed, anxious, or otherwise psychologically or emotionally unwell, I don’t have the right training to help you. Contact your GP or local mental health support services for further support.
  • A shoulder to cry on. I’m caring, supportive, and listen actively to all you say. However, I will also challenge you, and will call you out on the things you’re not saying as well as the things you are. I expect you to be committed to moving yourself forward, and if wallowing in the current situation isn’t conducive to that, expect me to say so.
How do I know if coaching is right for me?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, coaching is probably a good fit for you:

  • Are you committed to reaching your goals?
  • Are you willing to put in the work to get there?
  • Are you open minded and ready to try new approaches and experiences?
  • Do you understand that ultimate responsibility for your success lies with you, and only with you?
  • Are you ready to invest in your own personal development?


What if we start coaching and I don’t like it, can I have my money back?

If you decide that you no longer want to continue with coaching, first of all, let me know so that I can understand what happening for you and so we can see if the problem can be fixed.

Essentially, if you leave the Elite Squad you’ll be entitled to a refund of your payment for any parts of the programme that have not been delivered to you by the date on which you choose to end the coaching relationship. You’ll need to refer to the terms and conditions of coaching and your coaching agreement, which will be given to you when you first come onboard, for further details.

Do you offer any discounts?

Since all Career Avengers packages are already put together with maximum bang for your buck in mind, there are no further discounts available on the advertised prices.

Will I have a new career by the end of the programme?

I have no way of guaranteeing how much effort you are going to put into this programme.

Because of this it would be misleading and unethical for me to promise that this programme, or any other that I offer, will land you a new role. So, I emphatically don’t.

This programme WORKS, if you show up and pour your heart into it.

If you do that, by the end of it you’ll have:

  • A powerful picture of your strengths, values and what lights you up.
  • 1-3 particular career paths you’re genuinely excited about.
  • An approach for testing out your ideas without risking your income,
  • Increased confidence about how to get your foot in the door in a new field, even if you don’t have any experience.
  • A wealth of leads, achievements and experiences related to your new career that you’ve found for yourself, already under your belt.

And within 6 months, you have a fantastic chance of being in your new career too.

What about if I still need further support after the 8 sessions?

If you feel you need additional support and coaching as you continue your career change journey beyond this programme, I can help. You can either look at another Career Avengers product, or you may wish to add further bolt-on coaching sessions as you need them. These bolt-on sessions are only available to my existing clients.

What kinds of career change challenges can you help with?

This list is just a taste of the kinds of challenges I’ve worked with before:

  • Getting a foothold in a new industry without any experience
  • Low confidence / self-esteem
  • Trying out new career ideas without risking income
  • Getting potential employers to pay attention
  • Career changing when there are kids to support
  • Career changing when there’s no time to work on a shift
  • Dealing with fear of the unknown
  • Finding the courage to make a leap
  • Moving from employment to self-employment
  • Coping with work that you can’t stand anymore
  • Generating ideas for a career change, even if you don’t have any
  • Working out what you’re good at
  • Working out what you’d enjoy
  • Working out how to turn a ‘pipe dream’ into a sustainable income
What geographical area do you work in? / Can we have sessions in person?

I mostly work over the phone and on Skype. However, if you’re based near Twyford, Berkshire, I’d be very happy to arrange an in-person session, social distancing rules allowing.

Can you tell me what job I should be doing?

No. and I’d be cautious of anyone who says they can.

Nobody knows you better than you. And while I can offer you support, structure, guidance and inspiration to stay on track with it all, if you want a new career that truly fits you like a glove, and lights you up inside, you’re going to need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for finding it.

Can you advise on qualifications needed for and routes into particular careers?

I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of all industries and professions, but I will offer the knowledge that I have if it’s relevant. Plus, if there’s specific information you need about a particular career and don’t yet have, I will support you to find it. I’ll also challenge your assumptions about it!

Why do I have to say 'I'm interested' in coaching and have a call? Can’t we just get started?

For coaching to be most effective, there needs to be a strong connection between coach and client; a connection that’s made up of chemistry and trust. So, it’s important to take time to ensure that that connection is present. My approach won’t be right for everyone, and I won’t take on everyone who applies.

If I don’t feel I’m the right coach for you, I’ll say so, and I’ll also signpost you to where to try next.

If all the spots in the Squad are full, but I think we’d work well together, I’ll invite you to join my waiting list and keep you posted about my availability.

How long does the programme take?

The Elite Squad programme is designed to run over four months. But what’s ultimately more important is that the frequency of sessions feels right to you. Finding the right length of gap between sessions means that you have enough time to complete your missions, but not so much time it becomes too easy to put things off and lose momentum. Typically, expect to have sessions every 2-3 weeks, over 4-6 months.

Judge for yourself. See what these Squad Members have to say. Check out the…


I've been able to make dramatic and positive changes in my life and career thanks to Lisa's coaching support

I was stuck in a challenging and stressful role, which wasn't giving me the job satisfaction I needed. With Lisa's help, I was able to define what I wanted to do in the future and gain the confidence to make myself heard. I went back to college and studied hard, and as a result was able to make the transition into a role I deserved and which brought out the best in me.

I've had results way beyond my expectations.


HR Manager

Lisa is intuitive and gentle in her approach. She listens and really cares. I always recommend her services. Lisa will help you get really clear on what's it is you want and how to make it happen quickly. 


Multiple business owner

Stop wasting time.
Get moving on that shift.

Take the Elite Squad oath.

I hereby promise to be brave

I promise to do what it takes to get my shift out of my head and into action.  And even though I don’t know what the journey holds, or where I’ll end up, I promise to be OK with not knowing, and to start moving anyway.

Because I deserve to find work that makes me feel alive, where I can be myself, and where I feel like I can fly.

Now is the time for me to find it.



Join us