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When it comes to your career, you don’t feel anything like a superhero.

Perhaps you’re clock watching, resenting your boss, and feeling bored out of your mind…

Or maybe work’s fine. Mediocre, beige, ‘fine’. And you can’t help wondering if this is it? Shouldn’t there be something else — something MORE out there for you?

But what could your Something Else be? How do you figure it out? How do you stop it feeling overwhelming? And how do you get there without derailing your finances (or your sanity)?

I hear you Avenger. Welcome.

I help people who are feeling stuck and unhappy in their careers to find and create work that makes them feel like they can FLY.

This means that I can help you find work that:

  • You love and are excited about
  • Feels like you’re getting paid to be yourself
  • Stretches, challenges and helps you grow
  • Allows you to make a real difference in the world

So, if you’re ready for a new approach to changing career that ACTUALLY WORKS, come on in, let me show you around.

You’re new to this career changing idea, and you’re ready for an easy intro (that still gets you moving towards that new career instead of flailing in The Pool of Overwhelm or The Cesspit of Bad Advice). Get a regular dose of inspiration, motivation and carefully curated career change wisdom to get you moving towards work you love – it’s completely free!

You know you want to change career, but you’ve no idea how to make it happen. You need some low-investment, structured support to get things moving. Gain access to this fun, self-study career-change programme with a game-y feel to get your ideas flowing and to keep you on track. You’ll get access to forum-based coaching; action-based missions to get you freed up and having fun with your shift; and support from a private community of career changers just like you.

Tell me more!

You’re committed to your career change and are seeking premium, regular, one-to-one support — with your own dedicated career change Gamesmaster — that’s tailored to your unique situation, as well as following a dynamic, proven, real-world approach that will leave you with clarity and confidence about your career change path.

I’m interested!